Have you ever wondered why a Capsule has two different colors?

by Pharma Buying June 21, 2020

capsule capsules different color reason explained why

When we hear the words “YOU ARE SICK”, we become consoling and start thinking about the types of capsules and drinking drugs. I know it’s such an awful feeling, you have to visit the doctor, he will inspect you and after diagnosing properly he writes a prescription of medicines that will cure you. He can prescribe you pills, a tablet, or a capsule maybe. But Have you ever thought that the capsules which are consumed in the form of medicine are in two different colors, but why? I am sure you might have asked this question to yourself that why does a capsule has two fancy colors?

As we open the capsules, the two parts are not of the same size. Compared to each other their sizes are different and if you look closely, you will find that there is more material in one part and less in the other part. It definitely means that there is a small ‘cap’, while there is a wider ‘container’ though both can act as a container, but it has a general assumption that a broader form of a container and the form of a cap Consider less one in.

Now when the task of filling the capsule filling machine is done. Now, for making thousands and capsules in a short period, such accuracy is a big deal, imagine that the two parts were of the same color, depending on size and diameter, it is very difficult to differentiate between cap and container. Therefore, different colors were provided to them so that the production capacity could increase.

Children are drawn to the color, so children are feed the medicine capsule in a funny way by saying “Hey, look at the colorful toffee”.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers consume millions of rupees annually to choose the colors to pack the medicines.

So guys now you know the real reason why a capsule has two different colors! So next time if someone asks you the question I am sure you can answer him. Feel free to share your views and opinions with us by commenting below the article. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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